Shipping and returns

Shipping information:

Shipping of the chosen merchandise is taken care in which ever country to ensure delivery on selected date. The time of placing order in the our site will enable you to see the nearest possible delivery date. Shipping of the product will be done 1 to 4hrs before delivery, depending on the location of the receiver. 

Delivery information & Selection of delivery Dates:

The delivery dates shown in the calendar will enable you to select to your future occasion choice. We have shown the window here for a decent future days so that we are prepared to your any chosen delivery date. As we understand  your emotions and  preferences while intending to send the gifts …. It starts here from placing the order, your part is done.

We Understand the geography drift between the cities and some cities are closer to our florists and some are faraway, we have the delivery dates consciousness So the product you choose and the possible delivery dates match at all times of the year because we review the delivery source once at regular intervals.

In order to ensure the freshness of Flowers or best quality in any product you have chosen here, We will attempt to deliver the specific product. In some cases, My florist may even need a substitution to keep the freshness and expectations. In this  regard the substitute will be same or a higher value.


Return Policy:

Product once received, cannot be returned. If the received gift is not upto expectations,  we can issue the refund based on the details and reasons provided by you and proceed to refund. This will enable you to receive the fund back within 5 to 7 working days.  We request images of the product in case of any dissatisfaction. This would help us to keep a special note on your transactions to take utmost care. We want to ensure this will not repeat to any customer. We will write you a specific note through emails with corrective steps and for your satisfaction. But this would be the last possible option ever we would go for. Refund will be processed via online payment mode. Cancellation of the order can be done within 24 hours of the order placed.